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FAQ’S and Terms of Service | JTM Media Image LLC


Do you offer special discounts (military, teachers, medical professional etc.)

Discounts are offered periodically and will be shared with you when you inquire about booking with us. Otherwise, no other discounts are applicable.


How many images will I receive?

The number of final images you will receive is included in your contract agreement and or package information provided to you before booking. You won’t receive any less than what is agreed to and we are not required by law to provide more images or Raw unedited images.


How will I receive my images and or video?

Edited images from your portrait session or event will be delivered by digital gallery link provided to you by the email you provide.

Your video edit (s) files will also be provided by email unless otherwise discussed and outlined in your contract agreement.


When will I receive my images/video?

The general turnaround for portrait sessions is 2 weeks

The general turnaround for events is 4 to 6 weeks

The general turnaround for advertising or promo videos is anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks

The general turnaround for event video is 4 to 6 weeks

We edit Monday-Friday, so the time frame is Business Days only and DO NOT include weekend days which is when we typically shoot sessions and events. There is no way to speed up the process of receiving your photos and video. We will try our best to complete edits sooner and will not exceed the max time agreed to, but we also will not respond to or provide any correspondence before that time has passed.


Will I receive prints?

Currently, JTM Media Image LLC only offers digital images outside of custom photobooks or specials offers where we include a print from your gallery. Prints can be ordered separately through your digital gallery or any other photo printing service provider you choose. You will have full printing rights.


Will I receive a CD or DVD copy of my photos/videos?

Images and video are delivered digitally. A CD/DVD copy will be an additional $10.00 (Per 2 copies) to cover the cost of shipping and the CD/DVD itself.


When is the full balance due for my session or event?

Full balance for service is due on or before the date of your session or event. Failure to pay balance in full will result in the delay of editing and delivery of your images. 2 weeks or more with no payment may occur additional charges.


What if I don’t like my images or video?

Depending on the reason presented (if applicable) we will do our best to fix any issues. Video re-editing and more intensive photo retouching will be an additional cost. We have a standard way we shoot and edit photos/video that we present to the client before booking.


What happens if there is bad weather or I need to reschedule?

Things happen and unfortunately, we can’t control the weather. We typically ask for 2 available dates for portrait sessions in advance to have another tentative date already planned. Studio shoots are available at an additional cost.

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